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Name:Random Scribblings
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Community description:Collecting my fanfic scribblings in one location
A place to gather all of my fanfic scribblings for the enjoyment of others.

Universal disclaimer - If it is from a book, movie, television show, song, magazine, video, or some other form of printed or viewed material created by the various authors, songwriters, producers, composers, etc., then I obviously do not own it. I am making no money for any of this and simply participate for the love of the fandom.

HOWEVER - any original characters, plot lines, places, universes, or twists thereof that you might see are mine. If I create a universe, place, person, or thing you would like to work with, please ask AND wait for permission. I'm going to give it (after all, I'm enjoying the playground too!), though I will have rules on my original universes and characters that I will ask you to please abide by. (Not many, but there are a couple.) I would be pleased as punch if you would credit and point others towards the story that inspired you.

My definition of fic size:

Drabble - <500 words
Ficlet - 500-2000 words
Fic/Short Story - 2000-10,000 words
Novella - 10,000-70,000 words
Novel - 70,000+ words

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